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Grunge Wood
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Book Three 
in the
Blue Sky Series

Book One 
in the
Blue Sky Series

Book Two
in the
Blue Sky Series


You have found the official page for Cali Black,

Sweet Western Romance Author. 

So glad you've stopped by.

I'm super-excited to announce the release of The Perfect Storm,

Book Three in the Blue Sky Series.

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The Heroes

Who doesn't love a story about a good, hunky man?

Where can you find one of these

fabulous male specimens you wonder?


Glad you asked.


You'll find the heroes in my books on the back of a horse, on the back of a bull, on the ranch, on a tractor, off the grid, in the past, onstage,

on the job and on your mind.

They're brave, stubborn, funny, sexy, fumbling, clueless, aggravating, and amazing.

Love to unwind with a story that inspires?

Grab a snack and a cozy chair, and fence off a few hours to come meet the heroes.

The Heroines

They're beautiful, feisty, principled, devoted, intelligent, hilarious, talented, and sweet.


Whether the hero is chasing her, avoiding her, pining for her, fighting with her or falling head over heels in desperate love with her, the heroines in my books always wind up getting their men.

Need a break from the rigors of the ho-hum?

Lean back, kick your boots up, and come meet the women the heroes love to love.

While you're reading, remember -

There's something of every heroine in YOU!

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