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Have you noticed any of these elements in my stories?

Comedy, Faith, Cultural Diversity, Irony, Hope, The Unexpected


A Little About Me

Hi, my pen name is Cali Black. I am a wife, a homeschooling mother of three, a Christian and a sweet contemporary western romance author.

I have long been enamored with country living

and with the American West. 

Wide open spaces inspire me and there's something about a grassy field with a bunch of cattle grazing off in the distance that I find beautiful.

Crop fields anyone? A sight soothing to my soul.

I incorporate locations and activities into my books that I have experienced or would still like to experience. Yes, Montana is on my bucket list!

My writing goal is simply to tell the stories that are in my heart. As I dare to launch them out in the world, I hope that a few readers, somewhere will enjoy. Maybe one of them will be you.

Happy Reading!

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