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In the small town of Blue Sky, 4 Rugged Montana Men Search For Love

Book One - Blue Skies, Blue Eyes
Amateur bull rider and rancher Clay West spends every waking moment chasing big dreams, until he meets a beautiful woman from his past on the road one night. He falls for her fast, but his choices set him on a collision course with disaster, causing him to doubt himself and everything else that used to matter. (Second Chance and Handsome Neighbor)

Book Two - The Game
Beau West gets rejected by a beautiful woman he's not willing to give up on, so he engages her in a fourteen-day game that she’ll win if she can resist initiating a kiss. As they drift closer to the kiss and to each other, skeletons from the past pop up and threaten to derail the future that he’s dreaming of. (Bad Boy Transformation)

Book Three - The Perfect Storm
Storm Henderson, a Native American employee of the West ranching family, delves into his shadowy past in search of his true identity. As he attempts to rekindle a flame with his college ex whom he ghosted years ago, his uncertainty about who he is impacts everything. By the time he discovers the stunning truth about himself, he finds himself engaged in a battle with a fierce competitor for the heart of the woman he loves. Finally possessing the pieces he needs to be whole, he wonders if he can deal with the truth and whether it's too late to convince Takoda that she belongs with him? (Second Chance and Love Triangle) 

Book Four – Under the Stars
Restaurant owner, Grady Wilder works to rebuild his world after devastating heartbreak. As he attempts to keep a promise to find love again, he immerses himself in the disappointing and comical world of online dating, only to discover his much-deserved happily ever after is a lot closer than he thinks. (Friends to Lovers) COMING SOON

Under the Stars
Book Four in The Blue Sky Series

Coming Soon

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